Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures

by Janet Jonus photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment

Disney on Ice returns to the PPG Arena with Road Trip Adventures.

Travel around the world with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy as they take you on a tour of your favorite Disney characters and movies. See The Incredibles save the day, journey through the Pride Lands with Simba, go to a Carnival with Woody, Bo, and all of your Toy Story friends, and join the Disney Princesses as they glide across the ice in this all-new interactive show.

“No matter how you define your family, Road Trip Adventures encourages everyone to disconnect from their daily lives to reconnect with one another,” says Patty Vincent, Creative Director for Disney On Ice. “The arena is our canvas, and we use that space to create a 360-degree experience that brings the heart of the show closer to families by stretching the performance area beyond the ice into the air and into the audience.”

The show opens with Mary Poppins flying over the ice, drawing everyone into the magic of Disney. She is joined by Mickey and Minnie and their magical Road Trip car. The car magically transports Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy to favorite Disney movie locations. The best part is some members of the audience get to ride along in the car! (These audience members are chosen from the Extra Magic Zone.)

The Incredibles hop out of the car to save Metroville. Dash skates across the ice setting it on fire with his speed as Elastigirl stretches way beyond normal human abilities in an amazing aerial act.

We then travel to the South Pacific with Moana as she sets out on her adventures to return the Heart of Te Fiti.

Snows starts to fall on the ice as we travel to Arendelle. Olaf muses what Summer must be like. Elsa and Anna skate to “Let it Go” in a crowd-pleasing act takes place on and over the ice with a stunning aerial acrobatics act.

As the sun rises, the animals of the Pride Lands take to the ice in spectacular costumes. Simba, Puma, and Timon lead everyone in a joyful celebration of the circle of life.

Forky pops up in a cute and funny act with all of his Toy Story friends. The audience gets to participate in some carnival games and sing along in a crowd Karaoke version of  “Old Time Road”.

Jasmine sings a song just before Aladdin enters in his “parade” as Prince Ali while Will Smith’s Genie watches via a video projection in one of the most awe-inspiring acts of the night.

Jasmine and Aladdin are joined by all of the Disney Princesses. The Disney Princesses take over the ice in a rousing celebration of “Princess Power”. The Princesses are joined by their escorts with a personalized duet for each couple, so every Princess fan gets to see her favorite.

The show wraps up with a grand finale featuring all of the acts.

“As a parent, I know how valuable time with your kids is and how increasingly more challenging it has become to not only carve out that time, but also to make those moments as memorable as possible,” saysNicole Feld, Executive Vice President and the Producer for Feld Entertainment. “That’s why with this production, we wanted to design an atmosphere where families come together and interact with the performance to create something truly special. By the time the finale ends, more audience members than cast will have been on the ice creating family memories that can only happen at Disney On Ice.”

The Basics

Road Trip Adventures is playing at the PPG Arena February 27 through March 1. Shows are on Thursday, February 27 at 700PM, Friday February 28 at 1030AM and 700PM, Saturday February 29 (Happy Leap Day!) at 1100AM, 300PM, and 700PM, Sunday March 1 at 1100AM, 300PM, and 700PM. Tickets are $15 to $90+ depending on day, time, and seat location. All children two and over must have their own ticket. Children 13 and under can wear costumes to the show.

For an additional fee, you can participate in a meet and greet before the show. Wayfinding with Moana and special guest Mickey Mouse is a special add-on VIP experience. All guests must purchase both the experience and show tickets. Tickets are $70 per ticket.

The show runs 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

Merchandise will be available for sale. You can also add-on a Mickey or Snowflake Light-Up wand to your ticket purchase.

There is a Nursing Room near section 115 and section 225.

The PPG Arena concession stands will be open prior to and during the show. There is a wide variety of food and beverages available. Smoking is not allowed in the building.

The PPG Paints Arena is located at 1001 Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. There are two Arena Parking lots, plus street parking and smaller private lots nearby. A Parking Pass for the Arena lots can be purchased as a ticket add-on. The closest T Station is Steel Plaza. There are many Port Authority bus stops on Fifth, Forbes, and Centre Avenue.


The PPG Paints Arena is wheelchair accessible. There are a limited number of wheelchair seats available. Accessible tickets can be purchased online. Click on the “Request Accessible Seating” icon. Wheelchair escorts can be requested at any entrance. There is a wheelchair drop-off location at the Peoples Gate on Fifth Avenue. There are elevators and handicap restrooms as well. There are 14 Family/Unisex restrooms throughout the Arena. These are large enough for a wheelchair.

As in most Arenas, the steps to the seating are steep. If the main lights are on, the steps are well lit. If the main lights are dimmed, the step lighting is pretty dark.

Note: We have been to the PPG Arena in a wheelchair. Accessible seating is limited. The crowds in the concourses can be challenging to navigate. As with most large venues, there are a limited number of handicap stalls in the restrooms that are usually being used by everyone else. We have also found we have to wait for some time after the event to get an elevator out of the Arena.

Assistive Listening Devices are available at Guest Services near section 104. A credit card will be required to be left on file to borrow a device.

For children on the Autism spectrum attending their first Disney on Ice we recommend seats near the exits and higher up. The larger-than-life characters may be frightening. The noise level is not too high. There are many effects throughout the show including lighting and projections. The concourses are fairly quiet during the show, but very noisy and crowded prior to the show, during intermission, and immediately after the show. Areas in the lowest levels, away from the concourses, tend to be quieter during events. You cannot exit the Arena and re-enter during events.

Guest Services is located next to Section 104 in the concourse. First Aid is located just to the right of Guest Services. Look for the sign hanging from the ceiling as the door is covered as part of a mural. First Aid is staffed by EMT’s who can handle any emergency, including transportation to the hospital.

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