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Easter Bunny Events for Autism Spectrum and Sensory Processing Disorder

by Janet Jonus

These events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Autistic children often miss out on activities everyone else takes for granted. A simple visit to the Easter Bunny is fraught with insurmountable obstacles. The Mall is loud and bright and filled with smells, sounds, and crowds that make a visit impossible for a child on the spectrum. Most parents have learned to skip these childhood activities. Now they have new opportunities to meet the Easter Bunny.

The Waterfront has a Sensory Friendly Easter Bunny on April 4th from 1100AM to 1200PM. Meet the Bunny and get FREE Bunny Photos. Near Ethan Allen and Paint Monkey. https://www.waterfrontpgh.com/sale/smile-its-the-easter-bunny/

Four malls in the Pittsburgh area having special Bunny events for those on the Autism Spectrum or with Sensory Processing Disorder. The Caring Bunny is a special one-day event for special needs kids at Ross Park and South Hills Village Malls. Monroeville Mall and Westmoreland Mall have an Autism-Friendly Easter Bunny. Pre-registration is required for all events and spaces are limited.

Each of the events are held when the Mall is closed, reducing the crowds and noise. Noise will be further reduced in many ways. The background music will be off, the fountains and escalators will also be turned off. The lights will be dimmer than normal.

There are a limited number of spots for each half hour during the Easter Bunny events. Families will be assigned a number at the event. They will be called when it is their turn to meet the Easter Bunny, allowing families to avoid waiting in lines. There are also special activities for families while they are waiting.

All Caring Bunny and Autism-Friendly Easter Bunny events are free but standard rates apply for photography packages. Packages run from around $25.00 to $50.00.

The Autism-Friendly Easter Bunny heads to Ross Park Mall on Sunday, March 29th from 800-1000AM. The Caring Bunny can be found in the Center Court.

The Autism-Friendly Easter Bunny will be at Monroeville Mall on Sunday March 29th from 930-1130AM.

The Autism Friendly Easter Bunny hops over to South Hills Village on Sunday, March 22nd from 830-1030AM. The Bunny can be found on the lower level, near Target.

The Autism Friendly Bunny will be at Westmoreland Mall on Sunday, April 5th from 930-1100AM.

Pre-registration is required and is being handled via the Autism Connection of Pennsylvania https://paautism.org/event/sensory-friendly-easter-bunny/

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