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FamilyFunPittsburgh – The Ultimate Guide to Family Fun

by Janet Jonus

FamilyFunPittsburgh™ – Your ultimate guide for Fun Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh!

FamilyFunPittsburgh is your go-to resource for information on things to do with kids in Pittsburgh*. We bring you daily, weekly, and monthly events, festivals, and things to do. We provide in-depth guides and review places to go and things to do in and around Pittsburgh. (*We aren’t just Pittsburgh. We cover the entire region plus day trips to nearby destinations and vacations and even Big Trips! We have it all.)

Are you looking for a place to spend a rainy day? Check out Places to Go.
Are the kids bored? Check out Things to Do.
Do you have Babies or Toddlers? Preschoolers? Kids? Tweens? Teens? We sort Places to Go and Things to Do by age.
Are you looking for information on healthcare or special needs? We have a Health and Special Needs section.
Do you live in the City? In the North or South or East or West? You can find Places to Go and Things to Do sorted by location.
Do you want to know what is happening around the region today? This Week? This Month? This Summer? We have an extensive calendar or you can join our email list and get weekly updates about Places to Go and Things to Do.
Do you want to just stay home and play? We cover Things to Do at home too!

FamilyFunPittsburgh grew from an unmet need – a comprehensive, thorough website that had real, fun, reviewed Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh! Every time we needed to find something to do we had to search through numerous, incomplete, often confusing websites to find what we were looking for. Even when we found listings of Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh, the information was, shall we say, less than informative. We needed REAL information – what was there to do, how much does it cost, what age is it good for, how do you get there, where do you park, is there anything to eat, what about bathroom and baby changing stations, is there water available, and on and on? This information simply does not exist. Try Googling “Swimming Pools near Bethel Park” and you will get a listing of individual websites for each municipal pool. If you want a guide to ALL of the pools in the area, you aren’t going to find it. Until NOW!

We cover it all and tell you all of the details. We visit the places, we explore all of the nooks and crannies, we even count the toilets and check them for cleanliness and then we write it all up for you so you will know what to expect before you go.

FamilyFunPittsurgh is your ultimate resource for family fun!

What do we do?

We provide you with Lists. We do “Best of ..”, “Top things to do ..”, and more. If you are looking for a quick idea to do with the kids, check out our lists.
We publish articles about events, places, and fun things.
We review places, events, things, and more. We only do a review after we have visited the location or event.
We publish Quick Guides and Ultimate Guides. A Quick Guide will give you all of the details you need to before you go. Directions, what you will find, things to do, parking, bathrooms – we tell you all about it in a brief, easy-to-read Guide. An Ultimate Guide is an in-depth, multi-part Guide. We are fans of in-depth guides that review every aspect of a place or thing in detail, and that’s what you’ll get. We only publish Ultimate Guides after we have have thoroughly reviewed a place or event.
We have an extensive Calendar that is updated daily. We try to list everything to do with Kids in Pittsburgh. We welcome suggestions for our Calendar. You can submit suggestion from our website or on our Twitter account.
We have a monthly “Best of the Month” List – These are the FamilyFunPittsburgh recommendations for the month. You can also get our monthly recommendations by signing up for our emails.
We have weekly emails highlighting everything on our Calendar for the upcoming week. Sign up for our emails today and never miss an event!
We organize everything for you. You can search by age or location. We divide children into Babies and Toddlers (the two and under crowd), Preschool (3-5 year olds), Kids (6-9 year olds), Tweens (10-12 year olds) and Teens (13 and up). Pittsburgh is a city divided by rivers and mountains. We divide everything by location too. Our locations are City, South, North, East, and West.
We have Special Guides for Camps, Holidays, Pools, Summertime, School, Health, and Vacations and more.

We are a Family. FamilyFunPittsburgh is a family business. You will get input from real kids, not what advertisers want you to hear. We review everything as a family. If FamilyFunPittsburgh says it is “kid-approved”, it really is kid-approved! We also are a Special Needs family. FamilyFunPittsburgh grew from extensive files we have gleaned over the years so we could go places with our autistic child and be prepared for every eventuality and now we are publishing our knowledge for you and your family.

Come on in, look around, discover something new and then go out and have some FamilyFun!

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