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Jump, bounce, climb, flip, and more at Skyzone

by Janet Jonus

Tire your kids out with a few hours of FamilyFun at the Skyzone near Canonsburg with our Know Before You Go Guide.

The Skyzone just off of I-79 South near Canonsburg PA has everything for hours of FamilyFun. There are ample trampolines for everyone. There is a parkour trampoline set up for kongs, flips, and jumps. There is a foam pit for flips and superheroes. There is a dodgeball court. There are bounce and slam basketball hoops . There is a climbing wall over a foam pit for safe, harness-free bouldering and climbing. There are two Ninja Warrior Courses for all skill levels. There is a SkyLadder over a foam pit and there are two Gladiator fighting areas. If that isn’t enough, there is a snack bar with reasonably-priced, tasty food. There is an exercise court with scheduled exercise classes for tweens, teens, and parents. FamilyFunPittsburgh has been going to Skyzone since their infancy when there were only a few activities. There is so much going on at the new Skyzone, two hours flew right by. If you are looking for a place to let your kids be kids, Skyzone is that place.

The Skyzone in Canonsburg is located in a large, industrial building. It is vast inside and out. (Check at the end of this article for good directions as it is a bit difficult to find but well worth the effort.) Check-in is right inside the building. There are lockers to the left and the bathrooms are behind the check-in area. You pay for the amount of time your kids want to have access to the Skyzone. Times range from 30 minutes for $14 to $24 for 120 minutes (plus taxes and fees). Every admission to Skyzone includes a pair of SkySocks that MUST BE WORN at all times when in Skyzone. There are blue socks and pink socks in sizes from toddlers through adult. When you pay, you will be given a sticker for your child to wear. This sticker indicates your bounce time. This sticker must be on your child at all times while in Skyzone.

Once you have paid and picked up your sticker and socks, you can head to one of the benches near the jump zone or near the lockers. No matter what the weather is like outside, make sure you are dressed for Skyzone. Shorts or sweatpants and tshirts are the best clothing for Skyzone. Your kids are going to need to move comfortably (no jeans) and they are going to get sweaty. The temperature in Skyzone is warm, even on the coldest days. Some people leave their stuff near or under the benches but FamilyFunPittsburgh prefers to use a locker. It keeps everything nice and neat and we don’t lose anything. We keep out our waterbottles. Remember to put on your sticker and your jump socks and away you go!

Before you start jumping, you will need to listen to the rules presented by one of the Skyzone employees. Make sure you and your children pay attention because the employees can and will call you out for breaking the rules. The most important rule is ONLY ONE PERSON ON A TRAMPOLINE AT ANY TIME. Kids should not jump on or run across a trampoline another person is on. It is very dangerous to do so. The jumper on the trampoline may be doing flips or tricks and not see your child which can result in serious injuries to both people. There are additional rules for each of the activity areas so pay attention to those too.

It is time to have fun! The main trampoline area is on the right hand side. Kids can jump, bounce, and flip as much as they want. There is an area near the back of the main trampolines that can be blocked off with netting to make a safe area for younger jumpers.

The SkyLadder and SkyJoust are across from the main trampoline park in a shallow foam pit. Be a Gladiator! Can you knock your opponent off of their pedestal without falling off yourself using cushioned pugil sticks? The FamilyFunKids loved this event!

The SkyLadder is a climbing ladder stretched over the foam pit.  The goal is to climb up the ladder without flipping over and falling into the foam pit. The nice part about this foam pit is little and big kids can participate in both activities.

The Ninja Warrior Course is next to the foam pit. There are two separate courses – an easy course and a harder course. The easy course has rings, trapeze bars, a cargo net, and bridges to get over. The harder course has a rope bridge, monkey bars, swinging doors, and rings. Both sides are challenging for local Ninja Warriors.

SkySlam is popular with basketball fans and a mainstay at Skyzone. Kids can try to jump and dunk basketballs into hoops set above trampolines.

There is a separate trampoline court with cushioned obstacles for parkour. Kids can jump, flip, and kong over these obstacles. This was another FamilyFunFavorite at Skyzone.

The exercise courts are also used for Dodgeball so this activity is not available during classes.

Free Climb is located along the back wall. The Climbing Wall is set up over a foam pit. The wall is challenging with easier climbs to very hard climbs. If you always wanted to try rock climbing, this is a great place to give it a try as it is included in the price of admission.

The main Foam Zone is located in the back corner of Skyzone. There are three trampolines to launch kids into the foam pit (no back flips allowed, one person per trampoline, you have to wait until the person before you is out of the foam pit before taking your turn).  Try out your front flips and superheroes into the foam pit.

Kids are free to move around Skyzone during their time. Announcements are made over a loudspeaker shouting out when it is time for each group to stop. If your kids haven’t had enough time, you can pay to add on time to their Skyzone admission.

Skyzone has walkways and a raised catwalk for parents to watch their kids. If FamilyFunPittsburgh has any complaints about Skyzone it is parents who do not keep an eye on their kids. It is a large facility with many employees but they can’t keep their eyes on everyone. Younger kids should be supervised by parents for their own safety.

The Snack Bar has hot dogs, pizza, soft pretzels, nachos, candy, ice cream, and drinks. The food is on the better side for a snack bar and reasonably priced. FamilyFunPittsburgh particularly liked the pizza and the frozen drinks.

Skyzone also has several party rooms for birthday parties. Contact Skyzone for details.

Skyzone hosts a Toddler Time on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays from 1000-1100AM for kids five and younger and their parents. This is a special time for younger kids to jump without all of the bigger kids taking over. (This time is highly recommended by FamilyFunPittsburgh for this age group. Open times can be chaotic and a bit scary for little kids.) The cost for Toddler Time is $10 per child.

Skyzone has specials for older jumpers too. Glow is on Friday nights from 900-1100PM. Glow is for tweens and teens. Skyzone gets dark with blacklighting, lasers, and music for a fun dance party. The fee is $20 per person. Jumpapalooza is for tweens and teens from 900-1100PM. The $14 per person fee includes access to all of Skyzone for two hours.

SkyFit at SkyZone is an exercise class for older kids, tweens, teens, and adults. (The class was almost all  adults when FamilyFunPittsburgh was there.) The hour-long staff-taught classes are a serious workout. Classes are $7 per class or $29 per month per person for unlimited classes. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursdays from 700-800PM and Saturday 1000-1100AM.

Skyzone remains a FamilyFunFavorite for a great place to go for kids six and up during open jump. For younger kids, Toddler Time is the place to be.

The Basics

Skyzone in Canonsburg  has open jump Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 400-800PM and Friday 400-900PM with Glow from 900-1100PM. There is a Toddler Time on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1000-1100AM and Skyfit  on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 700-800PM. Skyzone has SkyFit on Saturdays from 1000-1100AM with open jump on Saturdays from 1000AM-900PM followed by Jumpapalooza from 900-1100PM. On Sundays Skyzone has open jump from 1100AM-700PM with Toddler time from 1000-1100AM. Times are subject to change so check out the website before you head out.

Admission to Skyzone includes all activities except SkyFit. 30 minutes cost $14, 60 minutes cost $18, 90 minutes cost $22, and 120 minutes cost $24. SkySocks are included in the price. You can buy tickets online on the Skyzone website. A waiver must be signed by a parent for all children younger than 18 years old. Adults must sign their own waivers. Waivers are available online at the Skyzone website.

Skyzone Canonsburg is located at 281 Georgetown Road, Canonsburg PA 15317. To find the Skyzone, take the Southpointe exit from I-79. Turn AWAY from Southpointe at the end of the ramp (this would be a left when heading south on 79 and right when heading north on 79.) Turn left at the light. Turn right onto Georgetown Road (at the bottom of the hill). Follow Georgetown Road to the Skyzone on the left. From Route 19, turn onto Boyce Road. Turn left onto Mayview Road. Turn right onto Georgetown Road. The Skyzone is a few hundred feet on your right. Bu tickets at https://www.skyzone.com/canonsburg/prices-and-promos. For more information call 724-251-6100.

*FamilyFunPittsburgh is dedicated to providing detailed, accurate information to our readers. We regularly go to the places we write about so we can provide a real-life family experience to our readers. When possible we let the organization or event know we will be attending. We pay for our own entry (with the exception of some tickets to shows and events which are available to all members of the press). If we have a negative experience, we give the organization an opportunity to address the issues. If the organization refuses, we usually do not publish an article and we remove all recommendations of the organization or event from FamilyFunPittsburgh.

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