FrightfulFun at Phantom Fright Nights – Kennywood Park

by Janet Jonus

When the days grow short and the air grows chilly, the Phantom and his Denizens of the Darkness invade Kennywood Park with ghoulish delight.

If you like food, rides, and truly frightening haunts, head out to Kennywood Park in for Phantom Fright Nights every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday September 27 through October 27. The Park opens at 600PM for Phantom Fright Nights and it is for kids 13 and over. (Happy Hauntings is a separate event.)

The Phantom has taken over Kennywood and turned it into one big Haunted House. There are roaming scare actors, lots of smoke, strobe lights, darkness, and themed haunted attractions. There are seven Haunted Houses, two Haunted Rides, and a special 4D movie. The Steel Curtain will be open this year for a true, spine-tingling fright.

The Haunted Houses

New this year! Shady Grove Memorial Hospital. An evil doctor is looking for new victims for his evil experiments at the decrepit Shady Grove Memorial Hospital. Will you escape? Or will you become his next victim. HH

Villa of the Vampire in the Penny Arcade is the home to The Master, an ancient vampire who has built his home in Kennywood Park. He lures in unsuspecting humans to feed his hungry pack. HH

Mortem Manor, located in the Parkside Café, is Kennywood’s original haunted attraction. The Mortem Family welcomes you to their family home … in hopes you will become the next victims of the Unquiet Dead. HH

Voodoo Bayou winds along the canals of Raging Rapids. Navigate the swamplands of the Voodoo priestesses where the living dead are ready to prey upon all those who enter. HH

Dark Shadows is located in the Picnic Pavilions near Kiddieland. The Shadows have taken over. As you walk through a maze in the complete darkness, the shadows lurk, feeding on your fears. HH

Kennyville Cemetery, near the Kandy Kaleidoscope, is home to the most hallowed grounds in Kennywood but be forewarned, the dead do not like to be disturbed! HH

The Scare Zones

The Welcoming. As you enter Kennywood, a fog-filled tunnel hides all of your fears. Will you be able to make it through before your fears get the best of you?

Fear Fest is a fun-filled festival near the Kangaroo. Kennywood’s super-friendly clowns will entertain you! (… or Kennywood’s super-creepy clowns will terrorize you!) HH

Gory Park, located in Lost Kennywood, is a modern city-landscape in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The friendly Kennywood employees want only one thing … to eat your brains. SZ

Escape Room

Raina’s Trap is a new Escape Room at Phantom Fright Nights. You and your friends are trapped in Raina’s Voodoo room. Can you solve the clues to escape before Raina gets you?

This is a traditional Escape Room. It is not included in Fright Night admission. Reservations required. This is a limited group activity.

Ride Haunts

If you aren’t already frightened enough, three of Kennywood’s favorite rides devolve into new frightening attractions.

Haunted Ark takes over Noah’s Ark. Noah and his family have been possessed by their four-legged friends and want you for their next sacrifice. (Note: There are Scare Actors in the Haunted Ark.)

Death Valley in Ghostwood Estates is a frightening ride on a ghost train through a long-dead mine … but the dead still guard their treasure from all intruders. (Note: There are NO Scare Actors in Ghostwood.)

IT: The 4D Experience at the 4D Theater. Pennywise is waiting! Experience terror in 4D with special showings of IT at the 4D Theater near Bayern Curve. Not recommended for children under 13.

RIP Tours

All of the Haunted attractions have their own wait queue and the lines can get long. Kennywood offers numerous RIP Tours for an additional fee. All passes are only valid for the assigned date. Passes must be bought at least 48 hours in advance online. Quantities are limited. Very limited quantities of each pass are available in the Park. Passes are non-transferable.

The Seven Deadly Haunts Pass costs $29 per person. The pass gives the guest ONE front-of-the-line access to Mortem Manor, Kennyville Cemetery, Dark Shadows, Shady Grove Memorial Hospital, Voodoo Bayou, Noah’s Ark, and Villa of the Vampire, once per attraction on the date of the pass.

The Unlimited Haunts Pass costs $40 per person. It gives the guest unlimited front-of-the-line access to Mortem Manor, Kennyville Cemetery, Dark Shadows, Shady Grove Memorial Hospital, Voodoo Bayou, Noah’s Ark, and Villa of the Vampire on the date of the pass.

The Scream Coaster Pass costs $60 per person. This pass gives the guest ONE front-of-the-line access to each of the Kennywood Coasters open during Phantom Fright Nights including the Steel Curtain. Valid only on the date of the pass.

The Steel Curtain Pass for $20 gives the holder ONE front of the line pass to the Steel Curtain coaster. Valid only on the date of the pass.

The Total Terrors Pass for $80. It gives the passholder ONE front-of-the-line access to to Mortem Manor, Kennyville Cemetery, Dark Shadows, Shady Grove Memorial Hospital, Voodoo Bayou, Noah’s Ark, and Villa of the Vampire, plus ONE front-of-the-line access to all of the open Kennywood Coasters including the Steel Curtain. Valid only on the date of the pass.

The Unlimited Terror Pass costs $129 per person. This pass is the ultimate in terror. It gives the passholder unlimited front-of-the-line access to Mortem Manor, Kennyville Cemetery, Dark Shadows, Shady Grove Memorial Hospital, Voodoo Bayou, Noah’s Ark, and Villa of the Vampire, plus all of the open Kennywood Coasters including the Steel Curtain, and the Aero 360 and Swing Shot. Valid only on the date of the pass.

Rides, Food, and More

Many of Kennywood’s rides are open during Phantom Fright Nights. Rides scheduled to be open are the Steel Curtain, Sky Rocket, Jack Rabbit, the Racer, Aero 360, Ghostwood Estates, Noah’s Ark, Exterminator, Swing Shot, Steel Phantom, Musik Express, Pirate, Volcano, Bayern Curve, Gran Prix, Kangaroo, Paratrooper, Cosmic Chaos, and Skycoaster.

Some food stands are open during Fright Nights including the Potato Patch, Small Fry (Lost Kennywood), Midway (Jackrabbit), Pagoda, Star (Jack Rabbit), Auntie Anne’s, Pizza Warehouse, the Schwinery, plus food trucks.

Kennywood also has a Pre -Scare Dinner that includes BBQ Ribs, burgers (with fixings), a chicken wing bar, loaded potato wedges, tossed salad, fruit salad and assorted cookies. The Pre-Scare Dinner is from 5 – 6 p.m. on October 12, 19, and 26. The Pre-Scare Dinner with Fright Night admission is $41.99 plus taxes and fees. Pre-Scare dinner guests will also get early access to the Steel Curtain starting at 530PM.

Scare actors are not supposed to touch you but they can get very close and it is possible they may brush up against you. There is a lot of fog and smoke plus strobe lights used during Fright Nights and the lighting is low in some areas of the park. Phantom Fright Nights is not recommended for children under 13. Costumes, masks, and face paint are NOT permitted. Outside food and beverages are not permitted. Flashlights, laser pointers, and weapons are also banned. There is security at the Park and all bags will be searched.

Disabled guests should stop by the Service Center near Noah’s Ark for more information about specific attractions. Some attractions have strobe lights and magnets.

If any person becomes too scared to continue in a haunted attraction, tell the closest employee or actor and you will be shown to the nearest exit.

Phantom Fright Nights can be canceled due to bad weather. Outdoors haunts can also close in bad weather.
Alcoholic beverages are not served or permitted during Fright Nights. Picnic pavilions are closed. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, this includes e-cigarettes.

There is NO Re-entry to PFN. Once you leave Kennywood, you will not be readmitted. There are lockers available to hold your stuff if you do not want to carry it around.

Head out to Phantom Fright Nights on Fridays and Saturdays from September 27 – October 26 from 6 PM – 12 AM, plus Sundays from October 6th throughOctober 27th from 6 – 11 p.m. Outdoor scares open after dusk.

Admission to Phantom Fright Nights is $32.99 plus taxes and fees for purchase online and $36.99 plus taxes and fees at the Gate. The Phantom Fright Night Unlimited Pass is $49.99 plus taxes and fees for unlimited entry into Phantom Fright Nights during the 2019 season.

There are discounts into Phantom Fright Nights. Groups of 10 or more can get a group discount. Military members pay $19.99 plus taxes and fees. Tickets can be purchased online. Half-priced college nights and Season Passholder nights are September 27, 28, October 6, 13, 20, 25-27. Tickets are $18.50 plus taxes and fees. College students must have a valid College ID or proof of attendance at time of purchase to receive the student discount. Season Passholders with Silver Passes and higher levels are eligible for the discount. Summer passes are not eligible. College night tickets and Season Passholder tickets can only be purchased at the Gates and are not available online. Discounted tickets are also available at Giant Eagle stores.

Parking is Free. Port Authority Bus 61C stops at Kennywood Park.

Kennywood Park 4800 Kennywood Blvd West Mifflin PA 15122 / 412-461-0500 / https://www.kennywood.com/

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