FamilyFunArts: Tissue Paper Heart Craft

by Janet Jonus

This tissue paper heart is perfect for Valentine’s Day or a birthday. It is easy to make for preschoolers through teens. Be creative. You can use any colors. FamilyFunHome used pinks, reds, and whites for Valentine’s Day.

Supplies to Make your Tissue Heart:

  1. One piece of card stock
  2. One piece of white paper
  3. Tissue paper in various colors
  4. Scissors
  5. White Glue

How to Make your Tissue Heart:

Step One: Fold the white paper in half. Cut out a heart shape. Use this heart shape as a stencil.

Step Two: Use your stencil to trace a heart onto the card stock. Cut out the heart.

Step Three: Tear up the tissue paper into small pieces, keeping the colors separated.

Step Four: Spread white glue on the card stock heart.

Step Five: Cover the heart in pieces of tissue paper.

Give your heart to someone special or hang it on your Art Wall.

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