Toilet Paper Roll Love Bug Family+Fun Craft

by Janet Jonus

Make this special project designed for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids – tweens may find it fun too. The Love Bug makes a wonderful present. Kids love it because they get to put their own picture on their Love Bug.

Supplies to make the Love Bug:

  1. Empty Toilet Paper Roll
  2. One piece of construction paper for the wings
  3. One pipe cleaner for the antenna
  4. One picture of your child for the face, the face should be approximately 1.5 inches square
  5. Paints, glitter, sequins , whatever for decorations for the Love Bug and wings
  6. Glue, standard white
  7. Scissors
  8. Optional – glue gun

How to make the Love Bug:

Step One: Paint and decorate the Toilet Paper Tube. This is the body of your Love Bug. Be creative. Use paints, glitter – anything you want. Once you are finished, set it aside to dry.

Step Two: Cut four inches of construction paper off. Set aside the rest for another project. Fold the paper in half. Cut out a heart shape for the wings, leaving a thicker section in the middle. See below.

Step Three: Decorate the wings with paint, sequins, whatever. Set aside to dry.

Step Four: Cut out your picture so all you have is a face, about 1.5 inches square.

Step Five: Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Bend to make antenna.

Assemble your Love Bug:

Step Six: Glue the wings onto the Toilet Paper Roll.

Step Seven: Glue the picture onto the Toilet Paper Roll.

Step Eight: Glue the antenna onto the inside of the Toilet Paper Roll. (We used the glue gun for this.)

Congratulations you have the made your Love Bug!

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