FamilyFunArts: Hug Cards

by Janet Jonus

Give someone you love a HUG for Valentine’s Day! These cards are easy to make, fun to give, and a delight to receive.

Supplies to make the Hug Card:

  1. A piece of card stock (the heavier, the better)
  2. Scissors
  3. White Glue and Clear Tape
  4. Construction Paper
  5. Decorating supplies – crayons, paints, pens, glitter, etc.

Make your card …

Step One: Trace the child’s hands on a piece of construction paper. Cut out the hands.

Step Two: Cut out two 2-inch strips of construction paper, lengthwise

Step Three: Fold the card stock in half.

Step Four: Fold the long strips of construction paper, accordion-style.

Step Five: Tape the hands to one end of the accordion-strips.

Step Six: Open the card. Tape the other end of the accordion strips to the inside of the card, one on each side, so the hands “pop” out of the card. Tape the fingers of the hands together to form a “hug”

Step Seven: Decorate the card. Make sure you put something about a “Hug” on the outside of the card. (“Here’s a Valentine’s Day Hug for You!”)

Step Eight: Fold the accordions up so the hands are hidden inside of the card. When the card opens, the “hug” pops out!

Give your Hug Card to your special someone on Valentine’s Day!

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